• Dangayach Group’s reputation is built upon its core values of Quality and Excellence. Dangayach Group strives to provide innovative products and services to all its customers. With diverse business interests such as Jewelry, Hospitality and Real Estate we try to excel in each field.
    Incorporating latest technology in all our businesses, we are proud to produce and build the best in Diamond Jewelry, Finest Hotels and ultra-modern Real Estate spaces for our customers.
  • Established by Mr. Hari Mohan Dangayach over 40 years ago, what started as a simple gemstone business has now become a Multi- Business Conglomerate.
    Born in Jaipur in a business family, Mr. Hari Mohan Dangayach had a passion for Gemstones especially Emeralds which led him to branch out to start his own Gemstone business. That set the beginning of “Dangayach Group” as we know it today.
    After becoming a pioneer in the Emerald Industry, he expanded into Jewelry manufacturing and became a leader in Diamond Jewelry. The group further expanded the jewelry business domestically and internationally and now caters to global clientele. The group also evolved into Hospitality and Real Estate development as well. Starting with a small hotel, the group has now built and owns few other hotels in and around Jaipur.
    Dangayach Group then moved forward into Real Estate construction and has built a few apartment buildings and commercial towers.
    Today the Group is well established in Jewelry Industry, Hospitality Industry and the Real Estate sector.
    The group now proudly owns the largest hotel in Rajasthan the “Marriott “ in Jaipur among others.